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About osadmissions

osadmissions is a state of the art, applications management system that allows your institution to receive, review and respond to any kind of applications. You no longer have to get stacks of application forms printed, that never get used and you don't have to set aside days to carry out the huge data entry activities into your system. osadmissions helps you in every way possible. From vetting to automated e-mails to analytical report, you get everything. Scroll down to learn more.

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The 4 Easy Steps

Setting up osadmissions for your institutions is very easy. All it takes is four steps:

Configure Your Portal

Enter details about your institution, the users, application forms, documents and setup automated e-mails. THAT'S IT.

Receive Applications

You can receive all applications collectively or even broken down by department.

Process & Review

Carry out operations like creating waiting lists, inviting applicants for interviews and forward applications for review by HODs, head teacher or principals

Finalize Candidates

Candidates are finalized and their data can be exported in multiple formats. osadmissions is also compatible with School Kompanion.

The Process

The osadmissions process helps you reduce workload, reduce resource utilisation,
speeds up the admissions process and all in just a few clicks.

old process
new process

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Users and FEATURES

osadmissions offer five different types of users with independent processes for each.
Click on the '+' sign below to view in detail what each user can do

Why to choose us

The administrator controls exactly what the software should be doing. The major features include:

1. Setting up the institution, branches, campuses and users

2. Setting up years or programs that candidates can apply for

3. Easily create application forms and link them to years and programs

4. Specify instructions, admissions criteria and supporting document

5. Setup the application fee payment options

The admissions department users can carry out a number of operations that include the following:

1. View all application forms

2. Create Waiting lists

3. Invite applicants for interviews and tests

4. Lock and Unlock applications

5. Create application groups

6. Forward applications to other users

7. Approve and reject applications

In the odd chance of receiving paper based documents and applications, the data entry operator will have the ability to enter all the data and upload the documents to osadmissions

The accountant has the ability to verify the application processing payments and reconcile them with the bank accounts

The applicant is able to:

1. Launch applications

2. Upload documents

3. View application status


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